Vapor Cigarette Charm – Awestruck

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It was a Saturday night which implied that it was ought not to be spent at home. Sharique and I had planned this, days ago, that this Saturday night we would go clubbing. We had shortlisted a list of various probable things or places we might do or visit this. Movie, dinner outside in a restaurant was amongst the other alternatives but the idea to go clubbing was supreme. We were freshly out of college into our professional lives and into the city of Bengaluru. Sharique was my roommate and my colleague as well. We were excited. I mean why we shouldn’t be. This was the first time we were going to try clubbing. The city had amazing night life. It was as crowded as it could have been in the busiest part of the day. Sharique got the passes and there we were inside this place, heavily crowded, youngsters shaking their feet to the latest tunes, partying. We were mesmerized by the electrifying environment of the club.

I placed myself at a lounge while Sharique went ahead to order for drinks. I was enjoying the music and moving my eyes here and there when suddenly my head turned towards the opposite lounge. My eyes got glued there. A beautiful girl was sitting at my adjacent lounge. And the best part was she was alone. Seeing her alone, I decided to be bold and make a move. Moreover Sharique was nowhere to be seen. I got up from my lounge, moved towards her lounge and said, “Mind if I join you?” To my surprise she looked at me, smiled at me and said, “Yeah sure”. There we were sitting, facing each other. Now I had a clear look at her. She was indeed very beautiful. The kohl around her eyes was making my heart pound faster. I was just wondering if Aphrodite herself had taken a mortal form in flesh and bones.


I inquired about her whereabouts and to my delight she responded in affirmative. She was there with one of her friend who was on the dance floor with her boyfriend. I just had to find a common denominator to talk and I got one. Within a few minutes we were bonding well. She took out something from her purse which resembled more like a lip gloss or eyeliner. “Do you think you require any more makeup?” I asked. She burst out in laughter as if I had cracked a joke. I was feeling stupid and seeing her laugh at me I shrugged my head into my shoulders. She stopped laughing and explained to me that what looked like a makeup kit was actually a vapor cigarette. I wasn’t aware of any such gadget and she took this as an opportunity to enlighten me about vapor cigarette. She said that she was trying to quit smoking and that this vapor cigarette had less nicotine content and was a safe alternative to begin with. As I recalled in my mind that “The journey of great miles began with a single step” and wished her success in her endeavor. “Sharique had probably gotten himself involved with some chick” I said to myself. This presented me with more time that I got to spend with Riya. Riya was her name, though I would like to call her Aphrodite. I asked her out for a dance. She agreed and soon we both were on the dance floor, dancing to the tunes. We were grooving to the music when suddenly she held my hands. I reached out closer to her. We both were staring into each other’s eyes when I heard Sharique calling my name. Sharique was yelling at me to wake up when I finally realized that it was all just a dream. It was a Monday morning which suggested that it was going to be a very hectic day at the office. I wished to tell Sharique about it but the thought that it was just a dream had left me dumb.


Six Nicotine Replacement Products for Smoking Cessation

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1. Nicotine gum: When chewed or placed in between the gum and cheek this slowly releases nicotine. The nicotine is released to a much lower amount than a cigarette.
2. Nicotine patches: These are self-adhesive strips containing nicotine. You have to apply one patch a day to a clean, dry and non-hairy skin. This patch releases small amount of nicotine that’s absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.
3. Nicotine Lozenges: These are hard candies that dissolve and release nicotine slowly into the mouth. One lozenge usually last for almost half an hour. Don’t use lozenges beyond three months.
4. Nicotine Nasal Spray: It’s a spray pump that contains nicotine in an aerosolized form. You can spray it into your nostrils and the nicotine gets quickly absorbed into the nasal membranes. The side effects of nicotine nasal spray include throat and nose irritation, cough, watery eyes and sneezing, which last for almost 7 to 14 days.
5. The Nicotine Inhaler also known as “the puffer”: This comprises of a slender plastic cartridge that contains a porous nicotine plug. Nicotine vapors are absorbed through the lining of the mouth, when you puff on to the cartridge. A single cartridge produces 400 nicotine vapor puffs. The advantage of such inhaler is that it matches the behavioral aspects of smoking. Whereas, the side effects can be runny nose, irritation of the mouth’s lining, coughs and digestive problems.
6. Vapor Cigarettes: Vapor Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are electronic device, also known as electronic nicotine delivery system or personal vaporizer. This is specially designed as a substitute for tobacco smoking. Vapor Cigarettes generally utilize heating elements that usually vaporize a liquid solution. Some solutions in Vapor Cigarettes contain a mixture of flavorings and nicotine, while some others release a flavored vapor without nicotine.

Five suggestions to help you manage your smoking desires:

If you are ready to resist yourself from smoking, then take the following suggestions:
1. Always consider the moment when you usually smoke cigarettes.
2. Produce some new plans of attack, sucking mint flavored chocolates, or brushing your teeth at the time when you have the desire to smoke.
3. Stay away from the temptations which give you carvings for smoking.
4. Thoroughly clean away all the smoking devices from your home.
5. Try rearranging the place where you usually spend time due to some reasons.

Name of some dangerous chemical agents that ingested in your body while smoking:

• Hydrogen Cyanide
• Carbon Monoxide
• Nicotine
• Tar
• Ammonia
• Eugenol
• Arsenic
• Napthalene
• Formaldehyde
• Butane, etc.

Mouthful of Christmas party

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Well , just a “statutory warning for” the smokers , and for the non smokers too ,this is one of the funny –crazy experiences I had in the years of my sloth less you would enjoy my story as much as I did ,and still continue to do ,as I sit here taking a stroll down my memory lane ,of course with a Cuban cigar on my lips and Hendrix on my mind.
Seems like a crazy long time back, okay here I am done with the theatricals. Period. It was, if my memory serves me well, a dreadfully cold Christmas Eve when we had a surprising yet not-so-pleasant arrival of my long gone and may be thought-to-be-dead aunt. To this day I have no idea of how exactly I am related to her yet the thoughts of her are surrounded by a wall of clove flavoured smoke which was something that enticed my teenage mind back then even more than the episodes of Mary Tyler Moore show. Just for the backdrop, I would say, I was the not so proud resident to an overtly orthodox catholic family residing in Staten island where, well this might seem like bit of an exaggeration but, the idea of spontaneous origin was still holding everyone by the collar and the notions of reaching adulthood and things that come bundled with it (if you know what I mean) were precarious topics to be discussed in the household. As a teenager, I loved to think of myself as a maverick, the kind which simply captivates everyone with their ground-shaking, path-breaking ideas for the being the saviour of the mankind but with actions that spoke exactly otherwise .Big words for a girl barely 14 who still shared her room with two of her siblings and had her metallic braces still on. Anyway, that was the day when my heart had actually doing hypothetical somersaults in the air and cartwheels down the hallway anticipating all that my aunt’s unexpected visit stood for ; a trip to the NYC ,late night stories of all the fun she had been having on her timeless, geography-less quests, among other things. I was barely able to gobble down my dinner with all the excitement being held up inside me. The time for bed finally arrived and I snaked through pre-bed errands just to curl up beside my aunt who was more than happy to have my company. It was when she had finally passed out and I was left in disdain, unable to sleep, that I considered fingering through all the cool stuffs she brought and carried around with herself.

Finally struck gold!

Viola!! I got my hands on something in her closet which seemed to be some kind of futuristic gizmo that didn’t look anything close to familiar. After a few failed attempts spread over next couple of days, I finally figured out it was, to my amazement, a vapour cigarette. As my peers suggested, it was the “new cool” and that was the way the coolest of high school guys become cool and that was what made the punk bands, well, punk bands. Vap’g, as they called it, my way through, or at least pretending to “vap” for next few day, one day I finally conjured up courage to light up that beauty in my father’s study, where even the notion of smoking or drinking was alien. With my heart in my mouth, I took the first drag. And in the name of heavens, it felt as if my inside was on fire and I was about to die. I closed my eyes, hoping that it would end soon and my parents don’t get to see me like this. That was when my aunt entered the study and was though, startled on finding me with the vapour cigarette. The “cool” vibe that she once carried around with herself was replaced with a typical adult to child-caught-smoking conversation. But she made it a point that all of that stayed between us only to be later told to my kids on a much later date.